This week I’ve had the great pleasure of finishing local author David Ruffles’ second Sherlock Holmes adventure set in Lyme Regis – “Sherlock Holmes and the Lyme Regis legacy”.

David masterfully captures the style of the original author giving a vibrant, convincing tone to the dialogue between Watson and Holmes. His love of Lyme Regis shines through in his choice of characters, attention to historical accuracy and references to local places and events. Moreover, as well as the main story, the book is packed with short original vignettes. My own favourites are a moving account of Watson’s last annual visit to Holmes in his eighties and a delightful chance encounter between Laurel and Hardy via Dr. Who and the two friends in their Baker |Street home.

Any initial doubts I might have had about the merits of a new Sherlock Holmes adventure were swiftly dispelled. Both books are carefully researched, original and full of good humour, drama and suspense. In my next Lyme history walk I will not be surprised to see Holmes and Watson walking down Broad Street, chatting gaily on their way to visit their friends at Monmouth House!

Congratulations David!