On Saturday the 13th of April I had the pleasure and privilege of giving an after dinner talk to a group of about 20 literary ladies on the history of Lyme Regis at the Royal Lion.  This was the first talk of this kind I have given, although of course I am talking every time I do a Walk.  The pleasure of this kind of occasion is being able to expand on themes and discuss events in more detail. History is so much more than mere facts.  Infact the facts don't give the half of it in my opinion.  As in any good historical novel one has to immerse oneself in the flavours and feelings of the time one is representing.  Sometimes well informed fantasy and fiction can give the clearest picture of an age.  How else can one get into the minds of people who lived through the terrifying turmoil of the Civil War in Lyme to be confronted some 40 years later with the Monmouth rebellion and it's aftermath. The notorious landslips of the area were not the only ground that was crumbling beneath their feet.

After the talk I received an email of appreciation from one of the ladies, which she kindly gave me permission to reproduce:

>>Hi Chris,

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful talk last night at the Royal Lion. You gave a captivating and very enjoyable talk and I thought it was brilliant.<<

Thank you, Julia.