When Sir George Somers, Mayor of Lyme Regis, Buccaneer, adventure seaman set sail for Virginia in 1609 he could hardly have imagined what would have happened.  A friend and business partner of Sir Walter Raleigh he was leading a fleet of 7 ships and 2 pinnacles (supply ships) to resupply the colonies Raleigh had set up in Virginia.  A storm blew up, ships were scattered.  His vessel, 'Sea Venture' was wrecked on the reefs of Bermuda.  Successfully, they managed to reach the shore without a single loss - some 150 crew and passengers + 1 dog. 

At that time 'The Bermudas' had a bad reputation amongst seafarers.  It was known as the 'Devil Islands', apparently because of the strange call of the native bird, the cahow which greatly disturbed the superstitious sailors. However, when they landed to their amazement they found it was a paradise!.... no hostile native, plenty of fresh water, and lots of little pigs running around.  In the 11 months they spent on the island they built 2 new ships, the Patience and Deliverance, and went on to resupply the colonies in Virginia from Bermuda!  What a remarkable feat for the early 1600s! sadly the colony by that time was teetering on the edge of extinction.

These beautiful cahow birds were thought to be extinct for nearly 300 years until  a pair and one chick was recently found on Nonsuch Island (part of the Bermudas) and now a colony is being developed and it is hoped that soon the cahow will again be flying over the skies of Bermuda, emitting it's strange call.  The first chick to be born was named Somers.